Residential Buildings


Developing a safe and secure environment for a commercial or residential property is the responsibility of the entire community. These facilities must be vigilant in providing security on their properties. Occupants of these facilities expect the highest level of security services related to personal safety, access control, and physical security. Due to the economic struggles facing many properties, facility managers may find it challenging to provide reasonable protection for residents, employees, and their guests.

We understand the particular concerns of residential communities and leverage the optimal blend of manpower and technology to create effective residential security solutions

We work to find the right security officers for your location from the start, employing multi-lingual agents with excellent communication and interpersonal skills. We have a very low staff turnover rate, resulting in a continuity of personnel and services that will make your residents feel more comfortable in their surroundings. In the event of an absence or emergency, we maintain a team of guards on stand-by, and our management is prepared to get involved directly.

We carefully screen every security guard applicant and maintain a proprietary training program led by military and law enforcement specialists, resulting in licensed officers with the ability to detect and prevent potential threats to life and property with advanced surveillance techniques, detect criminal activity, be alert for planned acts of terrorism, and be prepared for all emergencies, including fire, medical, natural disasters and power failure