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Suresec has been providing the pub and club industry with quality professional guards for many years. Our premium service stands second to none when it comes to professionals, attitude, correct training and the overall team strategies. All Suresec Pub and Club Door Supervisors are carefully selected by Management to be able to work efficiently in the chosen Security Sector that they will be working in.

Suresec monitors the crowd to see that everyone behaves and follows the house rules. Our goal is to see that everyone has a good time but within limits. We are one of the leading Door Supervisor Companies in London providing cost effective door supervision commonly referred to as a door man or door bouncer services to pubs and clubs in London. Our security guards provide security services which provide safety, crowd control, and ID verification with the highest level of professionalism and customer service.

Suresec Security Involvement:
· Verify proof of age and documentation to prevent entrance to minors.
· Weapon/drugs search prior to entrance for eviction and law enforcement.
· Limit access to comply with capacity and city regulations.
· Strictly enforce all of the city’s safety regulations and the club’s rules.
· Consistently monitor crowds inside and outside of the facility