Educational Institutions


You prepare your students for a secure tomorrow. We provide the school security today. Weather emergencies, lockdown situations, bullying and violent assaults present educational institutions with a myriad of school security threats.

The news is filled with reports of high-profile incidents that can happen anytime, anywhere. Suresec believes that there is no place in our profession for poorly trained or unmotivated personnel. As a result, we carefully screen every applicant for our school security positions for excellent communication and interpersonal skills, and maintain a proprietary training program led by military and law enforcement specialists to provide the best security personnel for schools, colleges and other educational institutions.

Suresec requires our school security officers to prepare reports and be conversant in conflict resolution techniques to maintain the optimal functioning of your campus’ daily operations. We can also provide officers who speak languages other than English, as required. We strive to assign officers who fit into your school’s culture right from the start, so students will feel comfortable with them and turnover will be minimized.