Shopping Centres & Retail Security

shppping center

Shopping centers can have problems all their own, whether it’s vandalism, unwanted carpool parking, graffiti, theft, etc. Suresec knows the importance of keep shoppers, tenants and employees safe. Our security consultants will sit with the management company to establish the best post order for each individual shopping center, whether it is a single business, small shopping center or a large shopping plaza.

The top priorities in retail security are providing a safe working and shopping environment and reducing shrinkage through pilferage and shoplifting. As shoplifters and dishonest employees have become increasingly savvy, it has become more challenging than ever to establish effective retail loss prevention strategies.

The basic job function for a shopping center security protection guard is to protect his/her employer from theft, vandalism and all other illegal activity while maintaining post orders.

Having a security guard present “will” act as an effective deterrent and it is less likely that theft, trespassing or property damage will occur.

The company provides a range of services and a proven level of reliability to meet both the conventional and extended security needs of the field, including a-customer-specific hospitality program

We understand the complexities in shopping center security. That’s why we customize our services to the conditions of each property and align procedures to portfolio standards. As a result, everything from our customized programs to the professionals who deploy them is based upon a deep understanding of the shopping center marketplace.

Our agents are screened for excellent communication and interpersonal skills and are trained in conflict resolution.