Manned Guarding


Health and safety these days is about so much more than just what goes on inside the workplace. Whether you’re handling sensitive documents, using expensive technology or want to protect your staff, now is the time to consider manned guarding.


Manned guarding benefits:

Think that this is only relevant for those in need of security guards London way or in big cities? Well, sorry to say this, but you are wrong. Workplaces all over the UK are being targeted by criminal activity on a daily basis, meaning manned guarding has become all but a necessity to those looking to protect their companies.

Manned guarding on site means that you have someone monitoring and handling any problems or criminal activity every single day. It is well known that manned guarding in a retail workplace, for example, helps to prevent a huge amount of petty theft – as well as making staff and management feel more secure.

In most workplaces, the greatest benefit manned guarding can offer is providing this sense of security. The knowledge that a trained professional is available to call on for help in difficult situations will make customers and employees feel safer and happier in the business environment.