CCTV Security


Closed-circuit television (CCTV) has proven to be a sound crime combating investment and is used in retail stores, shopping centers, stations, airports, car-parks and many more.

In other applications, institutions like hospitals or companies with warehouses and large amounts of storage rely on CCTV to monitor activity inside the location as well as to monitor the surrounding areas. CCTV is an advance in technology that serves one’s security needs well. It can thwart theft and vandalism attempts, and it can make areas that were once unsafe, safer to utilize.


Main duties and responsibilities:


To operate and monitor all systems, including CCTV, within the Control Centre in a professional and efficient manner. To ensure integrity, accuracy and confidentiality of all information gained by compliance with quality standards and legislation, whilst preserving the rights of the individual.

To record all events and actions taken in a clear, legible and accurate written format. To provide an efficient and courteous radio and telephone answering service and deal efficiently with all enquiries.

To report equipment failure to the site supervisor to maximise operation of the system.

To be aware of your responsibilities in terms of health and safety, including identifying at your appraisal, appropriate health and safety training.